Blended Families

If you or your children are struggling with a new family situation, you are not alone.  Both children and adults typically struggle with the adjustments that a blended family can bring.  What is a blended family?  Any living situation in which a new family comes together that did not live together before.  This can be a re-marriage, a new boyfriend/girlfriend,...[ read more ]


Anxiety may mean different things to different people.  Some people equate it with stress or nervousness.  To others, it is about having panic attacks or being afraid of heights or snakes.  All of these things are related to anxiety, but it is most important to note that anxiety is a physiological phenomenon that occurs in your body. If you or...[ read more ]


Trauma is such a loaded word, and I think a very misunderstood one.  What is trauma, and how does someone know if they have been traumatized? One of the leading researches who studies trauma is Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD who offers this definition: "A trauma is when your biology (physiology) is assaulted in such a way that you may...[ read more ]


Depression is such a commonly used word these days.  Most people understand that depression is feeling down or low, but that can be part of everyone's experience of life's ups and downs.  Clinical depression is more significant because it does not get better on its own.  So, if you have a bad day, but get up the next morning feeling...[ read more ]

Relationship Stressors

There are many, many relationship stressors that come up in families, but I am going to focus on one today and that is the potential challenges that adoptive families face. First, I must say that adoption is an amazing gift.  It is a wonderful blessing for parents, siblings and the adoptee on so many levels.  However, there are very specific...[ read more ]

Sleep Deprivation

Ask anyone who has been deprived of sleep…sleep is a BIG deal. Without it, people are irritable, stressed, tired, depressed and anxious. You cannot overestimate the roll of sleep in a person’s mental health. In fact, studies have shown that depriving an individual of sleep for a few days can create psychiatric symptoms! One of the most common complaints...[ read more ]

Nutrition and Mental Health

So they say, 'We are what we eat'.  There have been some recent studies that are supporting this statement in regard to emotional and mental health as well. I am a big fan of research and I strive to keep my practice based in the most recent research; so in that vein, I must share this new information and see...[ read more ]

The ACE Study

Have you heard about the ACE study? I am fond of any research that has implications for making treatment more successful. This one seems to show what many therapists and counselors have already observed: The more trauma an individual has in early life, the more medical conditions he or she is likely to have. This study was huge. It was...[ read more ]

Adoption Awareness

November is officially, National Adoption Awareness Month. This is proclaimed from the Whitehouse,, set forth for our nation to honor the institution of adoption. So, what does this mean for you? If you are an adoptive family, chances are this is a time to celebrate the way your family came to be. If you are considering adoption, this may...[ read more ]

‘Tis the season

‘Tis the season, you can see it all around. Christmas decorations are emerging in the stores, advertisements for toys appear, the weather is getting colder (at least here in Durango!). It is that time of year…again. For some people, this season brings feelings of ‘good cheer’. But for many others, the holidays are laced with sadness, grief and even anger....[ read more ]

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