Therapy for Adoptive Families

Adoptive Families

Adoptive families face unique challenges.  It is important to evaluate several areas that can be challenging for adopted children and thus their families for effective therapy to take place.  First,  neuroscience has shown that there is a direct connection between trauma/abuse/neglect and brain function.  Literally, we need to start with the functionality of the brain in order to address higher levels of therapy.  It is important to address which parts of the brain are working well and which parts are disconnected.  Next, treatment can begin to improve brain functionality.  Often this allows for the next stages of treatment, such as dealing with trauma, attachment therapy, and family therapy.

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Some people who were adopted do not like to talk about it.  Others like to discuss it as often as they can.  Either way, there are often feelings that accompany this life path that are complex.  It is important that you process through your adoption journey and your thoughts and feelings about it.  Whether you are a child, a teenager, or an adult, these feelings may come up at different points in your life.  Talking to a professional with experience in working with adoption would be a great place to start.